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Vacuum Heat Treatment Furnace


Heat treatment is the process that most affects product characteristics. As Japan's largest manufacturer of vacuum furnaces, Shimadzu offers a wide range of models that add large amounts of value to customer products.

Some remarkable new materials have been developed and manufactured in recent years, for which the heat treatment process has gained considerable attention, specifically the high added-value and reliability offered by Shimadzu vacuum furnaces. As the leading manufacturer of vacuum furnaces, Shimadzu utilizes experience gained from delivering over 1000 vacuum furnace systems to provide a variety of models suited for a wide range of applications.

Sample of Shimadzu Vacuum Furnace
  • Non-Oxide Ceramics for
    Fine Ceramic Parts such as
    • Functional parts (heat-sinks, circuit boards, etc.)
    • Structural parts (shaft seal materials, etc.)
    • Phosphor for LED.
    • Materials such as silicon carbide, silicon nitrite, Sialon.

  • Sintering of Superhard Alloys &
    Superhard Precision Parts such as
    • Cutting Tools (end mills, tips, etc.)
    • Wear-Resistant Tools (metal molds, die steels, roller-press rollers, etc.)

  • Sintering of MIM (Metal Injection Molding) Parts like
    • Small metal parts (cell phone parts, computer parts, clock parts, etc.)
    • Parts made of stainless steel, titanium alloy, tungsten or similar metals

  • Heat Treatment Applications like
    • Quenching die steels
    • Quenching high-speed steels
    • Annealing copper or other metals after machining

  • Brazing, Diffusion Bonding and Others
    • Bonding same or different types of metals
    (Diamonds to metal tools to make diamond-tipped tools)
    • Liquid layer diffusion bonding (examples)
    • Liquid layer diffusion bonding of stainless steel

  • Magnetic Materials
    • Strong magnets for a variety of motors
    • Other types of industrial magnets
    • Materials that include rare earth magnets (neodymium, etc.)

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