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Turbo Molecular Pump

Known for its world-class Japanese precision machinery, Shimadzu is the global leader in the design and manufacturing of turbomolecular pumps for the semiconductor and display processes, glass coating and photovoltaic systems, and in scientific and testing equipment. 

Shimadzu offers the broadest line-up of pumping speeds from 70 L/s to 7000 L/s compatible with a variety of applications, from high vacuum processes to gas throughput processes.  We contribute to improving the flexibility of equipment designs through pumps with integrated power supplies, as well as environmentally friendly energy-saving and compact designs.  We provide pumps with temperature control function and by keeping the pump temperature high, the deposition of reactive byproducts is prevented.  As a result, the interval between pump overhauls is extended, contributing to long term stable operation and cost savings. 

To ensure product quality, numerous simulations are conducted using pump performance analysis technology and rotor blade shape design, in pursuit of both performance and reliability.  As a result of these measures, Shimadzu turbo molecular pumps are utilized world-wide as highly reliable products with extremely low failure rates.

Features of Shimadzu Turbo Molecular Pumps (TMP)

• A long-life bearing mechanism reduces maintenance costs.
• The pump can be used in combination with a small backing pump.
• The pump can be mounted in any orientation.

• Compact
• Energy-saving
• No need to install cables or use a control rack
• Improved pumping performance
• No separate power supply is necessary because AC power supply is directly used.

• Wide-range and high pumping throughput
• Digital power supply supported
• Various monitoring functions
• Network connection enabled
• Compliant with CE marking, SEMI S2, and NRTL

• Maximum pumping flow rate
• Excellent corrosion resistance
• Compact power supply unit
• Measures against reaction products (optional)
• Various monitoring functions
• Network connection enabled
• Variable pump speed
• Reduced power consumption
• Compliant with major standards
• Tuning-free
• Battery-less

• Hydrogen compression ratio of 106
• Battery-less turbomolecular pump with magnetic levitation
• Compact pump body and power supply unit
• Tuning-free
• RS-232C-compliant serial interface is equipped as standard.
• Compliant with CCE marking, SEMI-S2, and NRTL

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